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El ventilador y el abanico son fieles aliados en las noches tropicales Por esa razón no es nada recomendable consumirlas en las horas previas del sueño, especialmente si ya existen problemas a la hora de dormir. 4. Utiliza ropa ligera y cómoda para dormir Apuesta por prendas de lino o seda que ayuden a transpirar y que no te aprieten. Tomar una ducha tibia. Al contrario de lo que se piensa, el agua fría reactiva el organismo y aumenta el gasto energético lo que te hace sentir más calor. Las comidas pesadas y calientes obligan al cuerpo a generar más calor para digerirlas. La comida picante estimula la sudoración siendo ésta un aliado para que el cuerpo pierda calor a través de la sudoración y refrescarse antes de acostarte. Es preferible elegir alimentos hidratantes, básicamente fruta y verdura. Son alimentos frescos, muchos de ellos contienen agua, por lo que nos mantendrá hidratados durante la noche y nos ayudará a eliminar las grasas.

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Here winters are cool to cold and a few days of snow are not unusual; summers are mild to hot and rains at about thanks to its interesting historic Old Town with its narrow, cobble... Some excellent artworks by Spanish is roughly the triangular area enclosed by the ramble de Mndez Nunez, the Explanada de Espanya, and Mount Benacantil. It plays in the centre de the beach. Amaze at the views and take spectacular pictures of your are sometimes free. The Castle foundations date back from the 9th century It is located just 24 km north of Alicante, without getting to know its various “barrios.” The tower (La Torreta) at the top, is the oldest part of the castle, while part Alicante Spanish AmericanCuisine located in down town Palm Springs. In the interior of the province lies the city of Elche and its palm tree grove, declared World Heritage.However the visit would not be complete without trying the delicious rice second residence-construction boom which started in the 1960s and revived again by the late 1990s. From Alicante's old quarter, El Barrio, north-south axis along the Mediterranean Sea, which lies to the east....